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International Freight Forwarding and 3PL (Third Party Logistics Provider)
Target audience
Small and medium-sized manufacturers, distributors, and retail operations that coordinate their own logistics, supply chains, and ship internationally.
Purpose of project
An informative piece to leave behind for clients that note items of particular interest such as services by the method of transport, company methodology, and offers companies a "Complete Logistics Solution".
About the company
The majority of our business is an international shipment of cars and other container goods by sea. Air is often the option for international shipments in which time is of the essence. Sea and air freight services are the aspects of the company that we primarily sell; Warehousing and land transport are supporting services to assist clients in shipping internationally.
Design notes and ideas
The copy is open to editing by us or by you as long as essential information such as services is preserved. A copy can be expanded and trimmed as needed for the design and layouts of different visuals.
Color scheme
Base: Prime Blue
Highlights: Rich Golden Yellow
We are open to other color combinations as long as they are not in close relation to other major freight service and 3PL providers. We want to use photographs relevant to freight shipment as long as they work with the content on the page and the color scheme of the brochure. The photographs should be a visual catch to bring attention to the services provided, not a focal point (Except possibly the photos on the cover and rear which may be used as a focal point).
Content | Yuriy Demko
Visuals | Swapnil
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