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Information about the Ragnar Relay
The Ragnar Relay Series is a series of long-distance running relay races organized and orchestrated by Ragnar Events, LLC, which is based in Salt Lake City. With 20 relays in different geographic locations, the Ragnar Relay Series is the largest relay series in the United States.
Each Ragnar Relay is approximately 200 miles (320 km) in distance, with races lasting two days and one night. There are two types of teams: regular and ultra. 
A regular team is composed of 12 runners while an ultra team consists of six runners. Each runner on a regular team is responsible for running three legs of the race with each leg ranging between 3 and 14 miles (4.8 and 22.5 km).[4] The total distance a runner is responsible for ranges between 8 and 26 miles (13 and 42 km), making it a good fit for participants with varying skill levels. An ultrarunner will run a total of six legs and can choose to run each leg separately or run two consecutive legs. (Wiki)
Each team is given a slap bracelet which serves as their baton throughout the race. When exchanging runners, the runner finishing a leg of the race slaps the bracelet onto the wrist of the next runner, who then continues the relay. On a traditional team, the 12 runners are divided between two vans, and only one van will be active at any given time. Once all of the runners from Van #1 have completed their legs, the slap bracelet is handed to the first runner of Van #2. While Van #2 is active, Van #1 is allowed time to rest (and vice versa).
The team name has MG in it - MG stands for myasthenia gravis. It is an autoimmune condition that is neuromuscular. Out of the 12 people on the Ragnar team, there are 7 of them with the condition. They are running to raise awareness around MG.
The illustration represents the map of the event where the team is going to participate. There is an illustration of the runner in-between the map with various lines connecting to each other which also represents the neuromuscular system.
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